What is Techloop?

Techloop is an online marketplace which connects IT professionals directly with hiring companies. 


Do I have to pay?

No, Techloop is completely free for job seekers. We even pay you a 500 EUR bonus if you get a job through us. 


How does Techloop work?

Companies contact IT professionals directly with job offers based on their anonymous profile (their skills, experience...). If you are interested in the offer, you can
arrange an interview with the company. If all goes well and a final offer is made, all you need to do is sign the contract and start in your new job. And get the 500 EUR bonus from us. 

How do I claim my 500 EUR bonus? 

We give 500 EUR to everyone who gets a full time job through Techloop. If you get a new job through us, we will pay you your bonus at the end of your 3 month probation period. If you believe you are entitled to a bonus which you haven’t received yet, please feel free to contact us.  


What if I’m not looking for a job at the moment? 

Techloop is not just for active job seekers but for anyone who is open to offers. We would say that there is absolutely no harm in completing your profile and having it approved because who knows - you might receive an offer that’s too good to turn down. 


Why do you need personal information from me, if it’s anonymous?  

We ask for relevant professional and personal information. Companies need this information in order to see if you’re suitable for their open roles and we need it so that we can help find the best match for you. 


Why do you need my phone number? 

We need your phone number so that one of our Talent Heros can discuss what you’re looking for, offer advice on how to attract job offers, and generally guide you through the Techloop process. We never give your phone number to other people and we promise that we won’t bother you with lots of calls. 


Which companies are on Techloop?  

All kinds of companies are hiring on Techloop - from small startups to large corporations. Our companies are spreading across various cities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands. 


How do companies search for IT Professionals?   

Companies search for job seekers based on their skills, profession, location and level of experience. In order to receive lots of offers from companies, make sure all of this information is included on your profile. In addition to this, try as much as possible to show what sets you apart from others, don’t be afraid to add a little personality to your profile!  



Who is Techloop for? 

Techloop is for software developers, project managers, web designers, testers and any other kind of IT professional that is open to finding a new job. We are currently based in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands. 


Are there recruiters on Techloop? 

No. None. Never. Ever. 


How does the anonymity work? 

We know that you don’t always want to advertise that fact that you’re looking for a new job to your boss or to recruiters. This is why your Techloop profile is completely anonymous to our hiring companies - your name, contact information and the name of your current employer are hidden.

You reveal your identity at the point when you agree to communicate with a company. But even then, no other companies can see who you are. 


I heard I can get money for referring friends, how does it work? 

That’s right, if you think your friends would enjoy using Techloop then you can refer them using our Referral Scheme. If your friend finds a job on Techloop then you will get paid 250 EUR (your friend also receives the standard 500 EUR bonus).


What do I need to fill out in order to have my profile approved? 

The more of your profile that you fill in and the more detailed information you give, the better chance you have of being approved and ultimately of receiving job offers from companies.

We absolutely need your basic personal information, your skills/languages, and your work experience. Without these we won’t be able to approve your profile and you won’t receive job offers. 


Why have you removed the link to my LinkedIn/Github/ portfolio... from my

We remove anything which reveals your identity or compro- mises your anonymity. If you want an employer to see your work, you can always send them a link to it once you are communicating with them. 


What information can the companies see on my profile?  

Companies can see your Location, Professions, Skills, Languages, Work Experience (except for the name
of your current employer), Projects and Questions. They can’t see any personal information, such as your name, photo, phone number or e-mail address. 


Will my current employer see me?   

No, your current employer is hidden on your profile so no-one can see who you currently work for. What’s more, if your current employer uses Techloop to hire people, your profile will automatically be blocked from them.  


Don’t see an answer to your question here? get in touch with us!