Why We Need Your Phone Number on Techloop

If you have already signed up on Techloop then thank you, we’re so happy you’re already using our system!

Upon registering, you may have been wondering why we ask you to provide your telephone number. You might be worried about what kind of calls you might receive or what we will do with your personal number. You may also be confused as to how providing a phone number ties into Techloop’s philosophy of cutting out spam, nuisance calls and email bombardment from IT recruitment. 

Well, let us explain. 

First of all it is absolutely our intention to make searching for a job in IT as simple and hassle-free as possible. This means removing some of the more unpleasant aspects such as LinkedIn spam, unwanted calls and hordes of unwanted and unsuitable job offers in your inbox. 

But we also want to ensure that you get the most out of Techloop and so for that reason it is important that we can contact you by phone. Our team of Talent Heroes (yup, we actually call them that) help and guide users through the Techloop process and will occasionally call you to help you fill in your profile or to assist you in other matters such as interviews and job offers. 

We absolutely guarantee that we'll never share your phone number, or indeed any of your personal details, with anyone else. We take the protection of your data and your privacy very seriously. 

If you have registered and haven’t yet updated your phone number, you can do it here. Head to the ‘Settings’ section and pop your number in there. 

If you have any questions about providing your phone number or anything else to do with Techloop, you can contact us on hello@techloop.io or via Facebook & Twitter