Why traditional IT recruitment isn’t working for developers or companies

If you’re looking for a job or looking for someone to do a job, one of the most common routes is through a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies find candidates on behalf of businesses, acting as a middleman and taking a fee in the process.

For many industries, this works well for both the job seeker and the employer. However, in the case of software developers, the balance between supply and demand is such that this traditional method no longer seems to be effective.

So what’s the problem?

With developers in such huge demand, companies can struggle to compete for the best talent or even to find it at all. For help, they naturally turn to recruitment agencies, who specialise in seeking out the best candidates in a particular field. However, with good developers being so sought after, recruitment agencies can get desperate, often bombarding suitable candidates with phone calls and emails which inevitably put the developer off.

Not only this, but trawling through jobs boards and recruiter emails is not an especially appealing prospect for a lot of developers, especially when companies are reluctant to release too much information about the workplace or salary. Sometimes it is not even possible to find out the name of the company when applying for a job.

All this leaves a big wall between top companies and talented developers.

What's the answer?

The answer is to create a place where developers can be contacted about projects they might be interested in with clear information about the company, role and salary. A place for companies and developers to come together and connect in a natural way, rather than being forced together against their will.

Here at Techloop, developers don’t need to do anything other than create a profile and wait to be contacted by great companies who bid for them. They have a great choice of positions, complete privacy and get a signing on bonus if they accept a job! In turn, companies have the opportunity to create a page and promote themselves, as well as access to highly qualified candidates who are actively seeking a new role.

So if you’re a developer looking for a new challenge or a company in need of top tech talent, get in touch with techloop.io today. We are launching in the Czech Republic in September 2015.