Why software developer is the best job in the world

At Techloop our aim is help developers find a new job without the usual stress and hassle. But why is being a software developer the best job in the world? We look at the main benefits.


One of the key benefits of working as a developer has to the flexibility it allows. Laptops, Wifi access, teamwork tools such as Slack and Skype mean that developers can work both where they want and when they want. Now an increasing trend in the modern workplace, the tech industry has led the way in flexible working hours and home office is pretty much an expectation.

Work in a team

This may seem like a contradiction after that previous point, but working as part of a team is one of the great things about being a developer. Often people assume that developers spend all of their time on their own in front of a screen not interacting with other people, but this is really not the case. Working as a developer means constant interaction with your colleagues to solve problems, come up with ideas and create new products.

In-demand job

The main reason that we created Techloop is that software developers are so in demand that they receive a lot of attention from recruiters looking to offer them a job. Whilst this is clearly an inconvenience, it shows how high the demand is for good, qualified developers. With more and more software being written every day, and the increasing number of tech startups doing well, that demand is surely only going to increase. This makes working as a developer a safe and future-proof career choice.

Good pay

In the Czech Republic, the average salary for a mid level Java Developer is around 50000CZK, double the average salary which is around 26000CZK, making it a very lucrative career choice. Obviously, the potential earnings for a senior developer can greatly surpass the 50000CZK mark depending on the role and company.

Continual learning

Developers have to continually learn new skills and technologies to keep up with the ever-changing face of the tech industry and to ensure they don’t fall behind. Whilst this may seem like a potential inconvenience, it means that you can’t afford to stagnate or stop challenging yourself, which in the end is much more fulfilling. There is also a wealth of online resources from sites such as StackOverflow and GitHub which makes it easier than ever to stay up to date.

And the downsides?

Well of course there are one or two.

Age discrimination

Employers often favour younger developers, reasoning that they are more au fait with the latest trends and cost less money. As we move into a future where everybody has grown up with computers, maybe this discrimination will fade away.


A common but perhaps unjustified worry. It’s true that companies can outsource development tasks to countries like India where the labour is much cheaper than in Europe, but they have to weigh up whether it’s worth compromising the quality of the work and knowledge of the project to save money.


Whilst developers are in demand, businesses are also becoming more discerning (hence why they often avoid outsourcing). Companies are always on the look out for the very the best developer talent, so it’s important to stand out and keep evolving.