Valentine's Day on the Dark Side?? - Geekiest Valentine's Day Images

And here we go again, on Sunday half of us will celebrate Valentine's Day with our beloved whilst the other half will completely ignore it.

People generally fall into two groups; those who care and those who couldn't care less.

For the more skeptical amongst you, we tried to find the best and geekiest Valentine's Day images. We found so many good ones, that we had to share them all with you.

Here we go...

You didn't expect a Sith Lord to buy flowers did you? (A quick note, Darth Vader features a lot in these images)

I find your lack of faith disturbing! 

You love him, he knows ... 

Even those on the Dark Side need a little love... 

A classic among web developers. 

Who says I never buy you flowers? 

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or not, we hope you enjoyed this article and hope you have a great week.