The unfortunate predicament of online job portals

The Czech market is home to a host of job portals and other ways of finding a new job. It can be extremely difficult to work out the differences between them and assess which site is best for you. For developers, there are some fundamental problems with online jobs boards. Let's explore them...

Poor developers

Unfortunately, for developers signing up on a job portal means only one thing: Constant bombardment with emails and phone calls from recruiters with job offers, promising their 'dream job'. If you also have a LinkedIn profile, you can expect a similar experience.


In today's online world of everybody knowing everything about eveybody it's impossible to keep anything to yourself. HR professionals know every detail about your behaviour, heck, they probably even know your shoe size! And they're not the only ones, if you reveal that you're looking for a new job then it's only a matter of time before your boss finds out. Uh oh...

A mystery tour

Furthermore, salary information is often shrouded in a veil of secrecy, with the usual responses something along the lines of, "It's open for discussion", "we can't reveal that right now" or simply "competitive". So when you go to an interview, you don't know what awaits you. You don't know what the team is working on, what technologies they're using or whether they have a games room!

Of course you can do your own research, but essentially when you head to the interview you're taking a step into the unknown.

By developers, for developers

And that's why we're here. Techloop is made by developers, for developers. With us, simply create an anonymous profile (which is blocked from your current employer) and let companies pitch to you directly. No need to alert recruiters or your boss.

Upside down, inside out

Essentially, Techloop is recruitment upside down. Instead of applying for jobs, companies apply for you based on your anonymous profile. They don't have access to your e-mail or other personal details, they judge you only on your experience and skills.

What's more, you know what you're getting from the outset. When a company contacts you, they are obliged to provide salary information up front and you can find out lots about their company culture and tech stack by viewing their company page.

Oh and if you get hired through us, we pay you a bonus of 500 EUR!

To summarise, the main difference between Techloop and other jobs portals is anonymity for the developer and transparency with the company and the offer.