The 17 Best 404 Pages That Will Make You Want to Click a Broken Link

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an error message when you're trying to access a webpage. 

Most of us have come across the good old 404 - Page Not Found page, sometimes followed by a few choice words...


But there are exceptions.

404 pages which are entertaining and even funny. 404 pages which leave us nodding our heads in appreciation thinking, "That's actually pretty smart."

So we waded through the deepest mires of the internet in search of the best examples.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own site's 404 page or simply seeking some distraction, here are our favourites.

For the sake of clarity we divided the pages into four categories; funny, entertaining/interactive, great designs and homegrown gems from the Czech Republic.


At Techloop, we believe you can never have too much fun, so we'll kick off with the pages that made us laugh.

And even if you're not really a jokey kinda person, you have to admit that the cat as a junior programmer is pretty spot on.

Cloud Sigma

Join in

These error pages go for the fun and interactive approach (and some are dangerously addictive).

We have to admit that we spend a lot of time on Canva ourselves and it's quite tempting to 'accidentally' end up on an error page as an excuse to solve this puzzle.


Just awesome

The next category of 404 pages is smart and funny, but mostly surprisingly stylish.

A special prize for creativity should, as far as we're concerned, go to the error page from Astuteo (aka even the absence of a joke can be amusing).


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Home sweet home

And now a few clever 404 pages from our homeland of Czechia (no we can't get used to it either). We were slightly surprised that none of them featured a cold beer (well, you can't have everything) but we take our hats off nevertheless.

A special mention to the model on Zoot's 404 page - that must have taken a lot of guts.



Do you also enjoy stumbling across funny 404 pages? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter which you liked the most, or if we've missed any!