is live! (video)

After lots of hard work, we are delighted to announce that is finally live and ready to use!

What is is an online marketplace which allows job seeking developers and hiring companies to connect without recruiters.

For developers

For developers, looking for a new job can be very difficult. The moment you suggest you're interested in a new position you are bombarded with emails and calls from recruiters trying to sell you the latest 'Great opportunity' or 'Dynamic, young team'.

Not only that, but looking for a new job means risking your current employer finding out that you're looking to move on. Obviously, this can cause all kinds of problems. solves these problems by providing an anonymous marketplace for job seeking developers. Simply create an anonymous profile on and wait for hiring companies to contact you.

When you receive offers you can choose who to interview with based on the company's profile page. On this page you'll be able to see the types of projects they work on, what the offices look like and what the current employees think about working there.

Not only this but salary information is provided up front, so you know the score from the start.

If you accept a job through Techloop you will receive a signing bonus of 500 EUR.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

For companies

As more and more companies need developers to bring their business ideas to life, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find them. With you have access to a pool of talented, active job seeking developers.

We allow your company to create its own profile page listing your mission, ethos and company culture. The page also contains photos of your workplace and interview with yoru employees. All of this is designed to make your business as attractive as possible to developers.