Should I Apply for Jobs Directly or Through an Agency?

Neither, you should use Techloop.


...nahhhhhh we just kiddin’, we’re gonna give you some heartfelt career advice and THEN plug our own thing. We got standards.

Applying for jobs is a major pain in the you-know-what, especially when you’re an in demand developer, so it’s always good to know a shortcut. 

They are, of course, advantages to applying directly and through and agency, so let’s have a look at both of them. 

Applying through an agency

Recruitment agencies get a bad name, in fact, part of the reason Techloop was founded was to offer a better way of finding a job in IT than using agencies. But that doesn’t mean the agencies don’t have their uses and that there aren’t good ones out there, you just have to be careful. 

The disadvantages of recruitment agencies are widely known, especially in the IT industry. Far too often, IT professionals are receiving hoards of unsolicited emails and calls from inexperienced or pushy recruiters who don’t know the technical specifics of the IT sector. The matches made through agencies are often poorly thought through and only benefit the recruiter who receive their hiring fee. 

However, with all that said, there are some excellent agencies out there who stay away from spammy and shady tactics and put a real focus on finding a great match between candidates and companies. 

The advantages for you, the job seeker, is that an agency will have a personal relationship with the company to which you’re applying and could greatly facilitate your application process. They’ll help set up emails, help you with the dirty work of salary negotiations and generally do what they can to make the move happen. 

If you’re keen to work for a particular company, using a good recruiter might be a smart move to improve your chances of getting that dream job. 

Applying directly

Applying directly obviously cuts out any of the aforementioned disadvantages of using an agency or any other third party which might make it a more attractive option. It allows you to stay in complete control of the whole process and leaves you free of any external manipulation. It may also work in your favour that you took the initiative to apply directly, showing the company that you really are keen to work for them. 

The main downside is that it can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you’re applying to multiple positions in a relatively short space of time. It’s tough to write a personal and well-thought-through application for so many different positions. At times, applying for jobs can feel like a full-time job itself!


….aaaand we finally got to the shameless self-promotion. Of course, we think that you should use Techloop where you don’t have to deal with recruiters nor do you have to fill in a million application forms.

With Techloop you fill in your profile once (it’s really easy, you can even import your LinkedIn profile to save time) and then simply wait for job offers to roll in from some of our 500+ companies. Interview with the companies you like and get a 500 EUR bonus if you take a job. 

For more career advice from us kind lot here at Techloop, why not download our FREE Guide To Finding Your Dream IT Job. There’s lots of useful stuff in there from contract advice to interview attire.