Recommend Techloop to your friends and be rewarded with 250 EUR!

At Techloop we are grateful to every single person who registers with us. All the more if they did so because of a recommendation from their friends.

As a sign of our appreciation, we will reward those who refer their friends to Techloop with a 250 EUR referral bonus!

All you have to do is head to this page and enter the emails of the friends who you think would enjoy Techloop.

If one of them gets hired through us, we’ll pay you 250 EUR.

What’s more, your friend will also receive their usual 500 EUR hiring bonus, so you can decide between the two of you who buys the drinks…

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t forget that with Techloop there is no recruiter fee or commission. We think it’s fairer to pass the money directly to you guys.

If you have any questions on how our Referral Scheme works, or anything else relating to Techloop, you can contact us on FacebookTwitter or via email at