New and improved Techloop!

Techloop has been live for nearly a year and we have already had thousands of developers sign up and get hired through us. But there were many things on our system that we wanted to improve, in order to make life easier for developers and for the companies trying to hire them.

Our in-house development team have been working very hard for the past few months to bring you a brand new, vastly improved version of Techloop. At the heart of the improvements was improving the user experience, providing better matches for companies and developers, and saving everyone time and effort. 

So what’s new? Let’s have a look...

For Job Seekers

  • Improved UX makes it easier and simpler to fill in your profile and edit your personal details, skills and experiences.
Improved Techloop UX
  • New and improved IM style chat to make interacting with companies better than before.
New Techloop chat
  • Personalised user dashboard with your offers, conversations tips on improving your profile.
  • More detailed company search facility allowing you to search by size, technology and name.


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For Companies

  • Revolutionised search function, search by job title, profession, location, roles, contract type, and availability.
New Techloop search
  • You can also search by skill level, choosing to display only expert level developers for your senior roles or beginner/intermediate for your more junior positions. 
  • We have also improved the editing functions on our company profile pages, making it quicker and easier to make text changes, replace or upload new photos and add new open positions. 
  • And COMING VERY SOON: Save your filters for future use to save time and effort finding the ideal candidate for your business. Don’t waste your time scrolling through countless irrelevant profiles. 

We hope you like the improved version of Techloop, but of course, the work doesn’t stop here. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can further improve our system please do let us know. We greatly value feedback from our users and it helps us to create a product that works for everyone.