How To Be A Better Developer

There are lots of articles about the best places to learn to code if you are an absolute beginner. But what about for intermediate or experienced developers that are looking to expand their skillset or challenge their own approach? Here are some sites which could help you, plus some other tips on how to continually evolve.

Online resources 
CodeWars is a highly addictive, much-praised platform where developers can improve their current skills or learn new ones through user set challenges called ‘kata’. Rank and honour is available for those who successful complete the kata and there is also an option to create your own challenges for fellow programmers. The forum section allows collaboration and sharing of ideas and solutions. 
HackerRank is a similar idea to CodeWars where programmers can practice their skills, then compete against fellow users in a series of challenges as well collaborating with them. HackerRank not only serves as a place to improve and compete, but it is also a place to advertise your skills to potential employers who are scouring the system for talent. 
Envato Tuts provide a host of learning resources for all kinds of creative professionals with an extensive section dedicated to code courses. Tutsplus courses are video based, so if you prefer a visual, didactic approach then this could be a good place for you. Tutsplus courses are not free, however, with membership costing $15 per month. You can try out the service with a free 10 day trial.

More ways to challenge yourself

  • You can try re-implementing existing projects using another programming language.
  • Learning a non-imperative programming paradigm, for example Haskell or Clojure to change your mindset away from what you learnt in the past. It can also help with up and coming languages such as Scala and Ruby.
  • Read lots of code. Read your old code, read code from open sources projects, read your colleagues’ code. Expose yourself to the different ways other people do things to give yourself a different insight into how you code yourself.
  • When you’re done reading code, read some good programming books. Or check out this list from Stack Overflow.

So there you have you it. If you have any advice or ideas on how to improve your programming skills, we’d love it if you got in touch via TwitterFacebook.