How Do We Stop Recruitment Agencies from Infiltrating Techloop?

Techloop is a community for hiring companies and job-seeking IT professionals. We believe very strongly in facilitating the best matches between these two parties and this means cutting out a lot of the unnecessary aspects of traditional job searches.

One of the main things we cut out is recruiters. It’s not that we’re completely against recruitment agencies - they have their place - but we believe direct communication between companies and IT professionals is the best way to bring about a great match. 

But you might be left asking, “That's all well and good, but won’t recruiters find a way to get into Techloop and it will just become another LinkedIn - full of spam and noise?”

IT recruiter

Well, in this article we’d like to address this particular concern and show how we keep recruiters and other third parties off Techloop

Personal onboarding of companies

First of all, the only people with access to our database of users are the companies we have allowed onto Techloop. You can’t simply sign up on Techloop and start contacting developers, we have to personally approve the company’s profile before they gain access. This means any imposters such as sneaky recruiters or agencies will be found out here. 

Third parties have no place on Techloop and that’s the way it will stay!

If somehow a recruiter slips through the net (none have yet, by the way) there are still two more ways we can stop them bothering you. 

Message monitoring

We can see all the communication that happens on our platform. It’s one of the main ways we can help people get the most out of our system and also to protect the interests of our users. If we see any messages that don’t conform to our guidelines or are clearly not from a genuine company then we can intervene and make sure it doesn’t go any further. 

Don't worry, we adhere to strict rules. We never send your data anywhere and your anonymity will not be comprised.

Our dedicated Account Managers are in constant contact with the companies hiring on Techloop, so it would become obvious very quickly if one of them was not what they seem. 

Are you a developer? Create an anonymous profile on Techloop and receive job offers directly from companies. Sign up here.

Anonymous profile

The third safeguard against recruiters infiltrating our system is you.

Software Developer

As you know, Techloop gives job seekers ability to stay anonymous until they are arranging an interview with a company. This means even the companies on Techloop don’t have access to your personal details until you let them. 

This means that if you receive a message from a recruiter (again, let us state that this has NEVER happened) pretending to be a company you can simply reject their message request and they’ll never know your identity. 

So as you can see we take this issue very seriously and are committed to ensuring that Techloop remains a great community for our talent job seekers and amazing companies. Third parties have no place on Techloop and that’s the way it will stay!