Even Fake Developers Get Hunted by Recruiters

You’ve probably been there - you all but slightly edited your LinkedIn profile and your inbox started to get flooded by emails from headhunters who couldn’t tell Java from Javascript and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Some even managed to dig out your phone number (how did they even do that?) and call you multiple times a day.

At first, you might feel flattered by all this attention but it gets old (and mightily annoying) really fast.

Want to hear something funny? - You don’t even need to be real to fall victim to developer-hunting recruiters.

Meet David Fullstack

David Fullstack developer

As the name and profile picture suggest, David is indeed a very fake developer. In fact, you might even remember him from our Techloop video (which is why we created him in the first place).

Despite his obvious fakeness, he has been receiving email after email from enthusiastic headhunters offering “fantastic career opportunities”. It is worth noting, we haven’t updated David’s LinkedIn profile in a LONG time, so we didn’t even draw any extra attention to him!

Here’s just a couple of examples:

Email from an IT recruiter

Here's even an offer from Barcelona...

IT recruiter email

...and from the UK. Looks like David is a hot commodity.

Email from personal agency

Thank goodness we haven’t created a fake phone number for David…

Clearly, as a developer, it’s hard for you to stay below the radar - even if you’re not looking for a new job.

If you want to stay clear of persistent headhunters, you might want to avoid LinkedIn and other job portals that make your profile public. 

That means relying on friends and acquaintances (which is very limited) when looking for new opportunities or diving into the sea of job adverts (which is very time-consuming). 

Or you can try Techloop instead. With us, you’ll stay anonymous (no recruiters!) and hundreds of cool companies will pitch for you

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