Company Insights: Michaela Rýdlová & Jan Růža from GMC

Time for another insightful chat with two representatives from one our interesting hiring companies. This time we spoke to Michaela Rýdlová (HR Manager) and Jan Růža (Vice President R&D) from GMC Software Technology

GMC is a global leader in the field of CCM (customer communications management). GMC has the world's largest development team dedicated to this market. Uniquely, all R&D is based in the Czech Republic, more specifically in Hradec Králové, Olomouc and Ostrava. GMC is developing software which is used by the largest global companies from the banking, insurance, healthcare and service sector to communicate with their customers. 

And GMC are looking for new recruits in all of their branches!

Michalea and Jan, thanks for taking the time to speak to us, let's get straight to it.

Over many years, GMC has collected awards for being a great employer. What do attribute this success to and how do you go about creating such good conditions for your employees?

Just a few weeks ago we received the award for the Best Employer in the Czech Republic for the fourth time, for which we are extremely grateful. We attribute our success mainly to the idea that, from the very beginning, we regarded people to provide the greatest value. 

You can see it in how GMC acts towards both outsiders and its own employees. 

The people who work here offer their thoughts and opinions openly and push the company forward. They know that GMC encourages them and gives them confidence. They have the chance to develop and fulfil their potential. 

All this creates a good atmosphere and productive environment. Of course, we come across obstacles, there are lots of things we need to work on, but even this we enjoy and have fun with. 

The biggest part of GMC's business is in Europe, how big a role does the Czech Republic play?

It's important for us that we have major customers such as ČEZ, Allianz, ČSOB, Česká pojišťovna and Česká spořitelna. These well-known brands help us to reach out to people and help them understand what we're doing. 

You are originally a Swiss company and now owned by a French organisation. Has anything changed as a result of this acquisition? Have there been any mutual benefits or conversely any kind of friction?

The new owner acquired us as a well-functioning company with much potential for growth. For this reason, there was little need for wholesale changes. 

Of course, from an operational perspective, things have changed. Firstly, the parent company has several R&D centres, with which we are seeking to collaborate and develop synergies. This cooperation offers the prospect of a rich source of information and experience. Secondly, the new owner bought us with the intention of further, quick growth. 

Thanks to the investment we are receiving, we are able to participate in more projects. This gives our employees more opportunities to develop and grow professionally. 

In terms of R&D, we haven't come across any issues and nothing has been reported by our staff. 

Are there any projects that GMC has worked on which you are especially proud of? Perhaps an innovative solution to a problem a completely new software function?

Two projects come to mind. 

The first is Dynamic Communications, which facilitates web design for people who don't have any programming experience. The second was a framework group, which enabled the development of our cloud-based solutions and several apps. 

The main advantage of this framework was the standardisation of developer platforms and the ability for developers from different teams to work together immediately and effectively. 

For the customer, the advantage was that one of the frameworks provided the ability to generate mobile-friendly web pages, which are about 10x smaller and twice as fast than those made with ReactJS. 

How does GMC differ from other companies? Do you have a unique company culture?

Yes, I think GMC is unique thanks to the people who work here. For example, we see it when speaking to new recruits. We meet regularly with every new arrival during their first few months at GMC, we discuss their integration in the team, develop, personal satisfaction. We are interested in their view on how we do things. It's great to hear that they haven't come across grumpy or unpleasant people, that their colleagues are welcome and helpful and they are happy. 

This atmosphere, proactive approach towards solving problems, ease of cooperation - all this automatically filters through to every GMC employee. The GMC culture encourages teamwork and friendly relationships. We are warm and relaxed with everyone, whether we've met before or not. 

GMC isn't the right place for those who only like to work by themselves and don't want to share and accept the thoughts of others. We try to talk through everything, to be open to new ideas and to listen. 

What is the most important thing you consider when hiring a new colleague? Do you have any must-have skills or personality traits?

From our perspective, those 'must-have' characteristics are the things which are hardest to learn. We place a lot of emphasis on the personality of the candidate. We have to feel that a new person will be happy and fulfilled at GMC and that they'll fit into our team. 

We talk and think a lot about what it is about working at GMC that motivates and appeals to candidates, for example, specific projects. We are a development centre, so obviously we assess technical knowledge and skills. 

In 2017, in Hradec Králové we are focusing mainly on senior developers. In Olomouc and Ostrava we're also open to more junior candidates. 

On your website you mention dozens of programming languages which GMC use actively. Which language is the most important for you, or do you use them all equally?

The most important languages for us are C#, JavaScript and Java. JavaScript is used on the front-end for all new projects. On the back-end it's a choice between C# and Java according to the news of the customer. 

We use other languages in specific instances and some were used in the past. 

How hard is it for you to find developers these days? How do you assess the general situation in the recruitment market? Is it tough to find talented people?

In Hradec Králové we're in a strong position. GMC is a large company and well regarded by potential employees. Candidates often apply to us off their own back. We'd like to be in the same position in Olomouc and Ostrava where we have younger and smaller branches. We are trying to increase our visibility in these regions as we'd like to grow and take on more talented colleagues. 

I think we definitely have something to offer. Also, we have no problems retaining staff, only a small number of colleagues leave us. Therefore, our main goal this year is to raise awareness of GMC in the IT communities of Olomouc and Ostrava. And of course, we're still thinking about everything we do, what we offer to candidates and employees. 

What plans does GMC have for the future? Will you be focusing on a specific region or technology?

GMC is planning to maintain its position as the world leader in the CCM marketing. Moreover, we'd like to experience similar success in a related market. 

Therefore, we're planning to grow the company but at the same time, it's key for us to keep the company culture and our values towards employees and customers. 

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