Company Insights Interview: Alan Vyšín from Gettick

Hi Alan, thanks for making time to speak to us.

I'd like to start by asking you what was the initial inspiration behind Gettick?

The idea first arose in 2012 when I was in charge of a few small companies. During my time there, we realised we were missing a tool for communication between team members.

Like the majority of small companies, we communicated information via Email, Skype etc. I think everybody is aware that endlessly forwarding emails has many pitfalls and opportunities for mistakes.

The goal was therefore to create a program which was financially accessible for small and medium sized enterprises and would enable them to have all their company communication, projects, calendar, chats and documents in one place.

We were aiming for a program which would be simple to use, and that wouldn't require a lot of training and most of all would lessen one's workload.

What would you say the challenges are of launching a new company in the Czech Republic? Do you think it’s a good environment in which to start a company?

We founded our company with the support of a startup network. One of the most important aspects is the idea. Another import factor is capital, which is only possible to obtain if you already have an idea. We had an idea so we offered our project to a number of firms for investment.

We started to collaborate with the organisation UP 21, who not only provided us with capital, but also helped with the implementation, which is invaluable for fledgling companies.

These days, there are a host of options if you are planning on starting something new. Now, startups are a great way to get ahead.

Have you had difficulties hiring developers and how do you see the situation generally when it comes to attracting the best talent?

Before we started to get to work on this project, we thought about this matter for almost three years. We had already worked with our developers beforehand so it wasn't a problem to ask them to work on this project too.

I would say that these days there are a lot of talented developers and programmers who should be allowed to show what they can do. These projects are a good opportunity for exactly this.

Which technologies do you use for your projects?

We are developing a unique technology with which we achieved a latency time of 230-260 ms. To accomplish this we used a lot of tools such as Webpack, ReactJS, Redux, React-router, Redux-thunk, CSS-modules,, Node.js, Babel, MongoDB, Material UI and Redis.

What would you say is unique about the culture at Gettick?

We are a small company that's just starting out with a young team, which had looked to learn from bigger and more experienced companies to avoid errors which could arise from inexperience. Most members of our team have been part of the project from the beginning and this is reflected in the team spirit we enjoy.

Of which particular aspect of Gettick are you especially proud?

We managed to come up with something that was really missing in the market. The market was such that if you didn't have the money to pay for the full version of your chosen platform, it could be that your email with your company domain would arrive half an hour later. This confirmed to us that the interest from companies was there to build this program.

Do you work with any particularly interesting clients? Are your clients primarily based in CR or Slovakia do you also have international clients? How does your approach differ between the two if at all?

Our clients include UP 21. We are now in the final phase of preparing the beta version which should be available to the public by November 2016. We are also planning to take Gettick abroad in 2017.

Because the program is based on ease of use and clarity, we don't plan on making too many changes for foreign users.

You say you operate on the basis of Remote Agile, i.e. your employees can work from anywhere, can you share why you decided to do that and what your experience has been so far?

That's right, they really can work from anywhere. The advantage is that programmers are not restricted by location or by time. So far, so good. Another advantage is a financial one, that you don't have to find office space for all employees.

What do you look for in a new colleague? Are there any particular skills or characteristics you value above others?

We are a small group so we are mainly looking for people who enjoy their work and want to learn.

The closer we get to market, the more the volume of work increase, I think this is a pretty normal thing. Looking ahead, we expect the workload to continue increasing, so we are looking to expand our team.

What does the future hold for Gettick?

In the coming days we'll be hitting the Czech market, and after that, the rest of the world. We are convinced by the value of this program and we believe it will become a popular tool in the organisation of projects. For this reason, we'll continue to work on improvements to the product.