A job seeking developer doesn’t stay secret for long- so go anonymous

When coming up with the idea for Techloop.io, one the of the most pertinent conversations we had was with one particular developer who is representative of a well known problem.

He said,

“I updated my LinkedIn profile and the next day all of my colleagues were asking if when I was leaving and my friends were trying to convince me to join their company! Not only that, but my e-mail was flooded with job offers from various recruiters, jobs that were of no interest to me at all.”

And as we’ve since discovered, he’s not the only one.

The problem is that given the current high demand for their skills, a job seeking developer doesn’t stay secret for very long, and they are soon bombarded with offers that don’t interest them.

Often what is really important is the chance to see which jobs they could get based on their skills and experience and how much they could earn, without committing to anything or revealing their identity.

We realised that like most people, developers sometimes want to browse the job market and make contact with interesting companies, without alerting their colleagues, or worse, their boss.

And that’s what Techloop.io offers.

Unlike all other job boards and platforms, Techloop.io is completely anonymous for the developers who use it. Only at the interview stage will you be required to reveal your name. You can create a profile, add your skills, browse companies and chat with companies and receive offers, all in total anonymity.

Essentially what Techloop.io offers, is the chance for developers to have their cake and eat it. They can browse the market and then only at the point when they’re seriously considering the job do they reveal your name- oh, and we pay them 500 EUR if they take the job. Not bad, huh?

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