9 Signs It’s Time to Kiss Your Job Goodbye

Staying in your comfort zone is an easy thing to do. A lot of developers (even though they are more amenable to change than mere mortals) stay in their job for a long time not because they’re happy there, but simply because it’s easier. And sometimes, it’s because with a pile of work of and stress it’s hard to find the time to stop and consider what you might want to do next. 

Sound familiar?

Even when it becomes clear that it’s time to ditch your current job, the arduous saga that is finding a new one can be rather off-putting. However, in such case, it’s definitely worth the risk and pain (both are minimal if you use Techloop) as a new job allows you to grow, to feel valued, and to regain your enthusiasm for work. 

If you’re still not sure whether it’s time for a change, here are the telltale signs that it might be better to do a runner than stand your ground, so to speak. 

1. There’s no chance of moving up.

We don’t mean to the next floor up in the office, but professional growth within the company or the chance to develop your skills. If the boss’s son is above you and not going anywhere, whatever happens, meaning your chances of moving up are slim, then this is a big warning sign.

Similarly, if you’re doing the same thing everyday ad nauseum and have no chance to improve yourself professionally then it might be time for a change.

Time to quit your job

2. You don’t look forward to work (like, never and not at all).

Of course on Monday morning (ideally after Sunday’s party) or before a particularly unpleasant meeting, none of us jump gleefully out of bed for work. 

But if your enthusiasm for work never reaches more than a slight flicker then perhaps it’s worth considering a change. Besides, you spend far too much of your life at work for it to be nothing more than something to pay the bills. 

3. You want to change your direction but it’s a no-go in your current position.

Are you a web designer that fancies himself as a frontend developer? Maybe you’ve already got Python down and want to learn JavaScript for a change? 

It may be that this desire for a different focus or programming language is simply incompatible with your current job role or the needs of your employer making it an insurmountable problem.

4. Your personal values are at odds with the company’s.

Does your boss bend the rules to get business? Are customers treated like throwaway commodities? Is there something about your product which fundamentally goes against your principles?

Whatever it might be, if your values are at odds with those of the company, it’s going to be hard to stay motivated(and maybe even to sleep at night!). Maybe at Techloop we’re a little idealistic, but we believe that you should work for a company you believe in. Write down a list of your non-negotiable values and find a company which is in line with them. 

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5. You can’t remember the last time you had time for your family or hobbies.

Work is eating into all of your free time so that you only have a moment for a quick ‘hi’ in the morning and the same in the evening before collapsing into bed. Not to mention that new PS4 is still in its Christmas box, bows and all, and it’s been at least a year since you went to the cinema.

Sound familiar? Then we would prescribe a small (or maybe larger) career change. Unless, of course, it’s an exceptional or temporary circumstance (such as an upcoming deadline), or you just love your job so much that you’re happy to spend your life there. 

6. Stress is affecting your health.

Maybe you wake up with your heart pounding furiously or you’ve just worked out to the point of exhaustion. Oh and by the way, if your boss is trying to fool you into thinking that passing out at your computer is some kind of badge of honour then run for the hills. 

A little stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can boost productivity and some of us are addicted to the adrenaline. But too much is too much. In the long term, an extremely stressful job is not worth the damage to your health. 

7. Your loved ones are telling you to get outta there.

It’s true that choosing a job is an inherently personal matter and it shouldn’t be too open for discussion (after all, you’re the one that has to go, right?). 

On the other hand, your loved ones know you better than anyone and because they are not as into your work as you are, it’s possible that they can be more objective. It is at least worth listening to your friends' and family’s thoughts and mull them over. Like they say, two heads are better than one. 

8. You are not appreciated for your work.

This doesn’t necessarily mean financially (although that wouldn’t go amiss) but also some praise from the boss and credit for a job well done. If this isn’t happening, or your boss and/or colleagues are constantly claiming the credit for your good work, well this doesn’t sound like a dream job. 

9. You’re at loggerheads with your boss (and there’s no end in sight).

Bad Boss

Even the most interesting job can become a nightmare if your boss is an idiot who is always on your case. If you have longstanding issues with your superior and no way of working under someone else, we would suggest that you mosey on out of there. 


Before you do anything too hasty, it’s worth thinking long and hard about the source of your unhappiness at work. Try talking about it with your boss, jump at the chance of a new project or delegate the parts of your job which you don’t like to someone who might.