7 Things That Should Come Back With The Nokia 3310

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Nokia is considering bringing back a revamped version of the much loved 3310 mobile phone, a staple of the early 2000s and many people’s first phone. 

This got us thinking about what other tech classics we’d love to see make a comeback. So we put together this list of 7 things that should be revived along with the Nokia 3310. 

If you disagree or think we’ve missed anything, feel free to get in touch with us.

1) Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr

The Motorola Razr was launched in 2004 and was one of the first mainstream flip phones. For a market used to clunky, heavy phones, the Razr marked a shift towards to smaller, sharper phones (ironically, the trend has now gone the other way). 

The Razr lacked many of the features we expect from modern smartphones and but its impact, particularly in fashion was far reaching. The phone featured a lot in popular culture including the series Lost, the 2006 movie A Good Year and the Product Red version was launched by Oprah Winfrey and Bono. 

In a time where substance has replaced style, the Razr is due for a comeback. 

2) Windows 95

Ah Windows 95, a simpler time. A happier time. 

Windows 95 was revolutionary, the first truly visual and intuitive operating system whose legacy lives on Windows' PCs to date. Windows 95 was the first to feature the Start button and the taskbar and made personal computing possible for everyone. 

The launch of Windows 95 was accompanied by a huge PR drive featuring the song 'Start Me Up' by the Rolling Stones and of course some awkward dancing by Bill Gates and the legendary Steve Ballmer.

Should it be relaunched? Anyone who's used Vista probably thinks so...

3) Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color

The Game Boy was (and, in my opinion, remains) the best handheld gaming device ever made. The original Game Boy was great but clunky and with a dull interface. The Game Boy Color was truly portable and boasted some of the most loved games of recent times including Tetris, Mario and of course the Pokémon series. 

Laughable now, you could buy a magnifying glass and kind of reading light to ease the strain on your eyes as you entered your 10th hour of Pokémon Yellow.

Game Boy

Time to bring it back so we can stop spending all our time staring at smartphone screens and more time staring at a 160 x 144 pixel screen from 1998. 

4) The Nintendo PlayStation

Ok, disclaimer: The Nintendo PlayStation never technically went on sale to the public, so it can't exactly make a comeback. But that shouldn't mean that we don't deserve to finally get our hands on it.

Nintendo PlayStation

The Nintendo PlayStation is the stuff of legend for gaming nerds. For those who don't know, Nintendo came to an agreement in 1988 to include a CD drive on the Nintendo's new SNES model (read more here). 200 prototypes were made, but disagreements about the financials meant that the console never saw the light of day and Sony ended up launching their own version of the PlayStation in 1991, which ended up working out quite well for them. 

Come on Nintendo and Sony, put your differences aside and let us have a go on this much-fabled console that never was. 

5) Nokia 3330

Hang on, hang on one minute. Why is Nokia bringing back the 3310 when the 3330 was a far superior breed of mobile telephone? For those whose memories of the early 2000s is slightly hazy, the 3330 was exactly the same as the 3310, EXCEPT it had WAP.

Nokia 3330

WAP was basically mobile internet, except you couldn't really go on websites, social media barely existed and it burned through your credit like nobody's business but still, it was 2001 and your phone had the internet on it. How futuristic. 

We're joking. Of course. 

6) Phone covers

If Nokia is really bringing back the 3310, then they absolutely have to bring back fascias.

Colorful phone covers

Back in the day, fascias were the only way to showcase your unique style. But you had to make sure you bought official ones, otherwise you ended up with those horrible squishy buttons that didn't quite fit...

Jack Daniel's phone cover

Pure class.

7) Sony Walkman

Rumours of a revamped Sony Walkman are doing the rounds now as well, but the new version will basically be an MP3 player, not dissimilar from iPods.

Sony Walkman

We say, bring back the old 1979 cassette based version which made the Walkman a household name nearly 40 years ago. Listening to music today is stressful, we are paralysed by a plethora of choice and slaves to 4G. 

One cassette, 180 minutes of music. No tough decisions. Plus you could make a mix tape for your crush, which was the ultimate romantic gesture. "I've made you a Spotify playlist" doesn't quite have the same magic, does it? 

What things would you like to see brought back from the dead for our collective enjoyment? Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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