7 EU Startups to Watch out for in 2018

With the dawn of another new year upon us, we take a look at the hottest startups around Europe set to make waves in 2018.



Slido is a Slovak company with offices all over the world. Slido is an audience participation tool which brings the humble Q&A into the 21st century by allowing users to post questions through the app or website, taking away the agony up standing up in front of a crowd people to ask your question. 



A massive coup for Slido was the use of their product at last year’s Web Summit, let’s wait and see which amazing event they will partner with this year!


Satoshi Labs - Trezor

As Bitcoin continues to boom, keeping your key safe is a real need for many. Paper wallets lack convenience and yet online wallets comprise on security. Enter Trezor, a hardware Bitcoin wallet from the Czech based Satoshi Labs. 

Satoshi Labs have made Trezor as simple as possible, the logic being that the less there is to go wrong, the better. 



DECENT is a Swiss-based startup with Slovak founders, also with offices in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Shanghai. DECENT uses blockchain technology to provide a secure way for publishers to diffuse their content without the need for a middleman. 

The importance and usage of blockchain technology is only going to rise and in theory the use cases for DECENT’s technology are potentially endless. To that end, DECENT are aiming towards the worldwide adoption of their technology and we wish them the very best of luck with it.  


Adrenalin Hunter

Adrenalin Hunter is paradise for extreme sport junkies. The French startup is a one-stop-shop for all adventure activities the world over. Simply pick a destination, activity, and date and you’re away!

Adrenalin Hunter recently received 2 million euros’ worth of investment and after 18 months of success, they are worth keeping an eye on this year. 

And if you fancy a quick skydive, give the site a try!



Timyo is another interesting startup from the booming startup scene in France. Timyo is attempting to make email more efficient by allowing users to state the urgency and importance of the email they’re sending. For those receiving emails, Timyo will rank your email in order from most pressing to least, so you can focus on what’s important and avoid wasting time on irrelevant emails.

The impact of constantly checking emails on employees’ productivity is well noted. It is therefore well worth following Timyo this year to see if they can be successful in their mission to revolutionise how we do email.  



It’s always refreshing to hear about startups which are looking to do something genuinely good and German startup Careship can certainly claim that they are. Nikolaus and Antonia Albert founded Careship when they encountered problems finding a carer for their grandmother. Careship is an online marketplace which matches people in need of care with those able to give it, be it professional carers or simply companions. 

Careship tied up a 4 million euro funding round last year and will be looking to cement their position as the place to go when looking for a carer.  



Grover is a website which allows you to rent electronics before you buy them, which is really handy for people who spend lots of cash on every new iPhone, FitBit or MacBook that’s released. The benefits are clear: find out whether you really want a product before buying, by using it in your daily life for a month. The price of the monthly rental is not super cheap, for an iPhone, for example, you’re paying 90 EUR for a month’s rental, which is basically 10% of the retail price. 

However, you do get a discount if you go onto buy the item from Grover, so if you’re pretty sure you want something, it’s a pretty reasonable deal. 

Grover recently launched in the US too, so how the company fares in this coming year should make for interesting watching.