5 European Startups To Watch Out For In 2016

New startups seem to appear almost everyday with more and more people craving a chance at success and fortune, hoping their idea will become the next big thing. Recently, there have been many articles telling us to watch out for certain startups in 2016, but the vast majority of them are in the the US.

As a European startup ourself, based in the Czech Republic, we thought we’d share our top 5 European startups to look out for in the coming year.

Included in our list are companies from France, Germany, the UK, Latvia and here in the Czech Republic.

Save.co - France

Save are an eco-friendly Paris based startup focused on repairing your smartphones and tablets. Simply search for your model, select the service you need and find your local repair service.

Save currently have repair stands in various locations across France and two in the UK (Luton Airport and Stratford Shopping Centre). Save.co was founded by Damien Morin in 2012 and has recently raised €15m worth of funding.

Infogr.am - Latvia

Infogr.am is an online tool for creating high-quality infographics and charts. With free and pro accounts available, infogr.am is a great tool within the reach of both individuals and businesses alike.

Founded in 2012, Infogr.am have received upwards of €2.5m worth of funding to date and have received wider recognition in the form of awards such as ‘Best Startup Overall’ at TNW Amsterdam and ‘Top Innovator’ at Developer Week, San Francisco. 

Storyous.com - Czech Republic

Storyous is a Czech startup which aims to connect discerning foodies to top quality establishments, be they Chinese restaurants, coffee shops or burger bars.

User reviews are collated and added to the establishment’s page allowing prospective punters to find out others people’s thought before taking the plunge themselves.

Storyous saw large growth during 2015 and are currently preparing to move in Poland this coming year.

SayByeBuy.com - United Kingdom

SayByeBuy.com is a unique platform which allows users to try high value electronic items before they buy them. By paying a monthly rental fee, you can try out the latest iPhone or PlayStation before deciding if you want to part with the full amount and purchase it for yourself.

Based in London, SayByeBuy.com was only founded last year and has already received around €1m in seed funding.

Movago.com - Germany

Movago are a Berlin based online removals company aiming to provide more affordable and convenient moving services. Using fixed pricing and a self learning routing algorithm, Movago hope to fundamentally reduce the cost of a removal transaction, making it more appealing for both private and corporate customers.

Founded in 2015, Movago already operates in 9 countries across Europe and has raised around v9.4m in funding. 

Think we’ve missed one? Get in touch and let us know which startups you’re excited about for this coming year.