13 Things to Do This Summer for All Geeks and Technophiles

Whilst ordinary earthlings, for some unknown reason, think that the most fun you can have during the summer is slowly turning into a roast potato in the sun, our tech-loving community has some much better ideas on how to spend a sun soaked day.

Here's our list of the best summer activities for geeks like us.

1. Play Tetris. For real.


All you need is a couple of waffles, sandwiches or some gummy bears and you can play this notoriously addictive game right there on your kitchen table.  


2. Arrange a comic book party.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a comic party is always worth organising. Especially if everyone comes dressed as their favourite superhero. Extra points for group readings and themed snacks and drinks.

3. Learn Klingon or Valyrian.

Well I mean why the hell not? Both languages can be learnt with the help of various dictionaries and online guides, or you can go all sophisticated and use Duolingo. Valyrian is already available to learn and Klingon will be available from the 1st August.

P.S Don’t forget to add this newly learned language to your Techloop profile! Such unique linguistic skills will surely make you stand out from the crowd.



4. Treat yourself to a vintage arcade machine

Fancy a nostalgia trip? If, like us, you grew up with Mortal Combat and Space Invaders and have a little bit of space in your living room, you should fo' shizz try this out. These immortal classics are the most fun when places on those original beeping, flashing machines.


5. Plan a documentary marathon

The majority of people will never understand what makes Planet Earth or Frozen Planet so fascinating. But with us you’re among friends. When you’ve completed the marathon, tell us what interesting new things you’ve learnt. We’re curious!


6. Make a spaceship out of Lego

All that remains is to decide whether to build a Millennium Falcon or Enterprise. If you really get into the spirit and build your very own Death Star then we’ll buy you a beer for your artistic flair.

Here is our very own creation...


7. Binge a Sci-Fi series or fantasy novel

Whether you’re a fan of Tolkien, Asimov or you just can’t put down George R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones, losing yourself in your favourite book and completely forgetting about the time is an undeniable staple of a true geek’s summer.

8. Mess about with virtual reality

Even if you don’t feel like shelling out for your own Oculus Rift, you can try it out at your nearest store. That should provide you with half a day’s worth of entertainment :)!


9. Watch a rocket being launched into the cosmos.

Thanks to the noble efforts of Space X, in all likelihood you won’t have long to wait to see a rocket launch.


10. Smash every level of Angry Birds

Less than 3 stars doesn’t count ;)!

11. Watch the entire Star Wars franchise in one go

For this one you might need the whole weekend but it’ll certainly be worth it. So, prepare the popcorn, extend yourself on the sofa and enjoy yourself as the Rebels kick the Empire’s ass. A true classic that never gets old.

12. Spruce up your flat with some themed decorations

How about a Super Mario lamp or flower pot made from floppy discs? 

13. Mix yourself a geeky cocktail

Perhaps this ‘Giggling Yoda’ looks quite appealing? If you’re not a fan of green drinks you can always try ‘The Dark Knight’. Although it looks a bit like a rum and coke we can assure you it has nothing to do with that banal, common drink. 

Apart from the rum...