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What makes a great Techloop profile?


The great thing about Techloop.io is that rather than applying for jobs yourself, which involves hassle, recruiters and letting the world know you’re looking for a new job, we let companies pitch for you whilst you stay anonymous.

create an anonymous Techloop profile

Of course, companies choose who to contact based on the strength of their anonymous profile, so it’s really important to make your profile the best it can be to get the offers you want.

Here are 5 ways to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

1. Fill in every section

Or at least as much as you possibly can. We get disappointed when we see great developers with half filled profiles. You won’t do yourself justice if you don’t fill the entire profile as each section is designed to allow you to show off all that you have to offer. If big chunks of your profile are missing, we can’t allow you to go live in the system as we pride ourselves on the quality of our developers’ profiles.

2. Write a great headline

Use the personal quote section to write a great headline about yourself. This will be one of the first things our companies will see and will help you to set yourself apart from other profiles on the site. Try to include your main skill or specialisation and why you would add value to any hiring company.

3. Use the Work Experience and Projects section to show off your achievements

At Techloop.io we know you have things that you’re proud of and employers want to know about these things. In the Projects section of your profile, make sure to include links and descriptions to any great work you’ve done in your career.

We hide the title in the anonymous version of your profile, so any personal or private information can go there. Don’t forget that our companies also have a projects section, so you can see if you have worked on anything similar yourself, which might help you decide if you’d be a good match.

4. If you speak languages, get them in there!

Techloop.io is based in the Czech Republic, but many of our clients are international and have offices and customers in other countries. Don’t forget to include any languages that you speak, as it might just be the thing that pushes you ahead of your monolingual job rival.

5. Be different, be yourself

Don’t forget that your profile is anonymous, which has a lot of advantages for you as the developer. However, it does mean that hiring companies won’t know a lot about you as a person besides your achievements at work. So, if you can, feel free to add anything which shows off something about your personality and the sort of character you are (without giving your identity away of course).

So there you have it, 5 ways to make your profile stand out on Techloop. If you still need some help, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us here. If you haven’t signed up at Techloop yet, then head here to do so.