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Techloop’s New Features - LinkedIn Import


Since we launched Techloop less than two months ago we’ve had a great response from both developers and hiring companies, with over 500 developer sign-ups already and around 30 hiring companies.

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We’ve had some great feedback from some Techloop users, offering us suggestions for improvements based on their knowledge and experience. This kind of feedback is invaluable for us and we greatly appreciate those who take the time to get in touch.

In the last few weeks we’ve added a few new features to our system to make things easier for developers and hiring companies.

LinkedIn Integration

We know that with many jobs boards you don’t want to fill in all your personal details and job history for every single site. When we launched Techloop you had to fill in everything manually, but we have been working on a solution to allow a LinkedIn profile import.

We are happy to say this feature is now working, simply download your profile as a PDF and then upload it to Techloop. The blank fields will automatically be populated, saving you time and effort. See the GIF below to see how it works.

Import My LinkedIn Profile Now

We have also expanded the list of technologies available, so please revisit your profiles and make sure they're correct. 

For Hiring Companies

Bookmark Profiles

With more and more developer profiles added to Techloop each day, it was obvious that hiring companies needed a way to keep track of the profiles they were interested in. Now using the bookmark icon, companies can save profiles to reference at a later point.

It is also now possible to mark profiles as ‘seen’ to avoid them appearing in the ‘New’ section again and again.

Improved Search Capacity

Again, with the ever increasingly volume of developer profiles, we recognised the needed to filter candidates by skill. We have implemented an autocomplete search box which instantly filters out those candidates who don’t match your search query. Need a PHP developer? Simply start typing ‘PHP’ and be left with only the profile that you’re looking for.

Besides these major improvements we have been working on the general stability of the site faced with increased usage over the page few weeks.

If you would like to see any other improvements to Techloop or have any other comments, please get in touch at hello@techloop.io or contact us through social media. If you’ve not signed up yet, then you can do here.