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How anonymous is my profile?


One of the great reasons to use Techloop.io is that you can receive job offers and communicate with companies completely anonymously. This is what sets us apart from other job portals and social networks and makes us attractive to developers, who regularly get harassed by recruiters when they appear to be looking for a job.

create an anonymous Techloop profile

Clearly, you might be a bit worried that your profile isn’t quite as anonymous as we say it is. You might be scared that you’re current employer will find out you’re looking for a job, or that in some other way your identity is passed on without you knowing.

So let us put your mind at ease and explain how we make Techloop.io completely anonymous.

Name and e-mail hidden

Any personal details such as your name and e-mail will be completely hidden to any company on our site, so there is no trace of your identity on your profile.

With our friend Jar Jar Binks the Jawa Developer we can illustrate the differences between the profile you see and what employers can see.

What you see:

What employers see:

Block your profile from your current employer

It is possible that when you sign up on Techloop.io that your current employer is already on our system. Don't worry, before your profile is set live we will block it from your current employer so you won't accidentally get contacted by them.

UPDATE: From January 2017, your profile will still be invisible to your current employer, but other companies will be able to see where you currently work (and your previous jobs) and your projects.

When do I reveal my identity?

Obviously you can't remain anonymous forever, so you will reveal your identity to the employer when you agree to an interview with them.

You will see the screen below in the message section with a message telling you that you are about to reveal your identity. When you click 'Send Message' in the bottom right corner, accepting the interview invitation your profile will be visible to this company.

If in doubt, get in touch!

We don't take your trust for granted, so if you're still unsure about the anonymous side of our website, please get in touch, otherwise head here to sign up!